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Life Time Launches Medical Wellness & Longevity Clinic

Life Time Launches Medical Wellness & Longevity Clinic

The Miora clinic in Minneapolis has a team of doctors, physician assistants, nurses and personal trainers, and includes weight loss drugs

Luxury lifestyle and fitness operator Life Time has created facilities and residences supporting wellness and is now making its next big move with the introduction of Miora Longevity and Performance clinics. 

Harnessing a forward-thinking and non-invasive approach to wellness, Miora Longevity and Performance will offer popular therapies like infrared saunas, red light therapy, peptides, hormone replacement therapy, IV therapy, cryotherapy chambers and even GLP-1 weight loss drugs such as Ozempic.

The first Miora Longevity and Performance clinic launched at Life Time’s Target Center health club in Minneapolis as a pilot program. If successful, Life Time plans to expand the clinics to its 170+ locations. 

“We’ve always been dedicated to helping people live higher quality lives,” Jeff Zwiefel, Life Time president and chief operating officer, told CBS News Minnesota. “Miora Longevity and Performance is just a natural extension for Life Time to continue to do that.”

The news of a health clinic addition comes after Life Time’s shares slid 15% after its recent Q3 earnings. The luxury lifestyle operator had indicated that it was exploring entering the popular GLP-1 weight loss medication industry with a comprehensive in-house program, noting that its members have shown interest in incorporating GLP-1s with their Life Time club experience.

Medical Oversight for Members

As Miora supports longevity, it intends to provide preventative therapies to prevent cardiovascular disease and cancer. The new clinic in downtown Minneapolis has a team of doctors, physician assistants, nurses and personal trainers.

“We provide full medical oversight to ensure you get the best results in terms of improving the quality of your life,” Zwiefel said. “And we think there’s nothing like it.”

Dr. Jim LaValle, who developed the clinic’s program and is an anti-aging expert, said Miora takes a science-based approach.

“We start with lab analysis. That lab analysis leads to a proprietary program that really targets where your issues are,” he explained.

Comprehensive plans are then created based on a client’s lifestyle and medications so they can overcome any metabolic roadblocks they may be experiencing.

“So it really personalizes exactly what they need, safely on the cutting edge of healthcare and science,” Dr. LaValle said.

According to Twin Cities Business, Miora patients can pay a one-time fee of $299 to receive a metabolic profile, blood work, metabolic code report, and consultation, but a $199 a month membership is also available, which includes urgent care, house calls and access to therapies such as peptides, infrared saunas and more.

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Although Miora offers weight loss medications such as Ozempic and Wegovy, the clinic says its goal is to create a treatment plan that supports a long-term healthy lifestyle. 

“When you take a drug like the GLP-1s and just go, ‘Okay, here’s another hero medication. You don’t have to worry about exercise, worry about diet, you don’t have to worry about getting a good night’s sleep. Just take the shot.’ That’s exactly what we’re not about,” LaValle told the publication.

The Ever-Growing Life Time Experience

The latest endeavor by Life Time demonstrates its continued mission of delivering an amenity-rich experience while genuinely listening to the desires of its members. 

Life Time has credited its strong growth in membership sales and member engagement to its programming, including pickleball, group fitness, personal training, and the recent addition of dynamic stretching.

“Our investments in programming are working to increase member engagement at our clubs with average member visits up 24 percent versus 2019,” Life Time founder and CEO Bahram Akradi told investors on the company’s last earnings call.

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