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F45 & Netflix Team to Celebrate Release of ‘Wellmania,’ a New Netflix Series with One-Day Workout

F45 & Netflix Team to Celebrate Release of ‘Wellmania,’ a New Netflix Series with One-Day Workout

F45 Netflix series Wellmania poster
The functional fitness company has created a ‘Wellmania’-inspired workout

F45 is collaborating with Netflix and actor Celeste Barber to celebrate the release of “Wellmania,” a new Netflix series. The latest program to hit Netflix inspired F45 to create a special workout that blends HIIT training with breathing and meditation. 

“Wellmania” premieres Wednesday, March 29, on the streaming platform. A trailer for the Netflix series can be viewed below.

The Netflix series follows food blogger Liv Healy, who is forced to reevaluate her ‘live fast, die young’ motto after experiencing a serious health scare. Viewers will watch as Liv, played by Barber, strives for physical and mental wellness as she embarks on her new journey.

The latest Netflix ‘dramedy’ is based on “Wellmania: Misadventures in the Search for Wellness,” a book by Brigid Delaney.

Functional fitness company F45 says its entertaining workout inspired by the new series is unlike any the fitness brand has ever offered before. The exclusive F45 fitness workout features training ambassador Morgan Mitchell and will become available on March 29 in participating F45 studios in countries where Netflix is available.

F45 and Netflix fans can register for the class through the F45 Training app.

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“F45 is delighted to be partnering with Netflix to celebrate the premiere of the new series, ‘Wellmania,’ by launching a one-off workout,” said Brian Killingsworth, F45 Training Chief Marketing Officer. “This session has been curated to blend the very best of HIIT training, with elements of wellness, breathing, meditation – and a lot of laughs to get you through burpees.”

F45 says it encourages fitness enthusiasts worldwide to join the fun at its functional fitness studios for the Wellmania-inspired workout session.

In February, F45 closed a deal to improve its balance sheet, revamped its Board of Directors, and named an interim CFO. The functional fitness franchise recently announced it would delay filing its 2022 annual report.

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