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Fitness Enthusiasts Prize Longevity Over Looks, Life Time Finds

Fitness Enthusiasts Prize Longevity Over Looks, Life Time Finds

The demand for weight loss drugs may be at an all-time high, but working out for wellness has taken precedence

Life Time has issued intriguing findings, the results of a 2024 fitness survey examining consumers’ current mood and approach to fitness and well-being. 

Compiling the responses of nearly 3,000 survey participants, the luxury fitness and lifestyle operator has stumbled upon some noteworthy and promising changes in the wellness landscape, namely an almost 30% increase in consumers aiming to prioritize their health and well-being this year when compared to 2023. 

Instead of working towards six-pack abs, 51% of consumers are mainly focused on putting in the work to live health-abundant lives so they can participate in their preferred hobbies and activities with gusto. 

In contrast, only 9% report prioritizing health and wellness to improve their appearance — an interesting finding when juxtaposed with the rising demands of the GLP-1 sector. Still, weight loss remains a key priority area, with 36% of respondents admitting they would give up social media forever if it meant losing ten pounds.

Life Time is also leaning into the weight loss medication space and longevity therapies with the launch of Miora Longevity and Performance Clinics.

Strength Training & Stress Relief

One statistic that likely comes as no surprise is that strength training remains a leading interest in 2024, with LifeTime finding that building muscle is the number one goal this year for nearly 36% of respondents, an increase of over 3% from 2023. Following muscle gain goals is losing weight and simply moving more.

Life Time’s findings also hint that consumers may be using their workouts to escape, perhaps in response to the increased remote work. While exercising has proven stress-reduction benefits, it’s also become a time when over 77% of respondents say they avoid all work emails and calls, with 90% reporting they rarely, if ever, engage in work while working out. 

Fitness has also shown some shifts, with 45% reporting they exercise 4-5 times a week. Just over 50% of respondents revealed they have an equal mix of cardio and strength training, while 18.2 are mostly cardio-focused. On the other hand, 15.6% say they are solely focused on strength-based training.

Recovery & Stretching Surge

Life Time’s survey also indicated that saunas, cold plunges, and stretching are all preferred post-workout recovery modalities for fitness enthusiasts, with 36.2% taking multivitamins as their preferred supplement, followed by protein powder (23.6%). 

The luxury fitness operator recently unveiled a new dynamic assisted stretching program that packs promise, with Life Time founder and CEO Bahram Akradi believing it offers a $50-million-dollar opportunity.

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“Personal health is our best defense to live longer and perform better both physically and mentally, and Life Time is unwavering in our approaches to meet members where they are, helping them to live healthy, happy, and fulfilled lives via our best places, programs, performers and experiences,” said Jeff Zwiefel, Life Time president and COO.

The Rise of Wellness Real Estate

Life Time is also tapping into the wellness real estate market; wellness has become a primary motivator for consumers interested in purchasing real estate, notes Global Wellness Summit chair and CEO Susie Ellis. It’s also the fastest-growing sector in the wellness economy, especially as consumers are now spending more time at home.

As Life Time continues to open new clubs, it’s also branched out into healthy living villages with “luxury-to-lease” residences in places like Stamford, Connecticut, Coral Gables, Florida, Burlington, Massachusetts and Green Valley, Nevada. Offering a wellness-centric approach, the living villages feature green spaces, outdoor gaming and meditation areas, special work-from-home and lounge spaces and complimentary access to its athletic country clubs with group classes and training, indoor and outdoor pools, pickleball and basketball courts.

An exclusive resident concierge program is also available, with customized weekly meal prep delivery, personal training, wake-up calls, nutrition coaches and massage therapists.

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