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Restore Hyper Wellness Takes Holistic Approach to GLP-1s

Restore Hyper Wellness Takes Holistic Approach to GLP-1s

The wellness franchise’s new weight management program includes GLP-1s after an InBody scan and metabolic health blood panel

Restore Hyper Wellness, a fast-growing boutique wellness franchise, has launched a new personalized weight management program combining semaglutide medication such as Ozempic and Wegovy with the brand’s therapeutic approach to wellness and health.

Unlike some other weight-management programs quickly popping up as demand for GLP-1s spikes, Restore Hyper Wellness is taking a full-service approach.

The latest offering was developed by Restore’s chief medical officer, Dr. Rich Joseph, a physician specializing in metabolic health and obesity. The program will be found in select Restore locations nationwide. 

How It Works

Weight loss-seeking Restore clients first undergo an InBody scan that determines body fat percentage and skeletal muscle mass, a metabolic health blood panel and a telehealth call with a Nurse Practitioner. Along with the use of FDA-approved medications, exercise and a healthy diet are integral parts of the program.

“Our goal is to increase access to effective weight management medications, employ and evaluate rigorous clinical standards based on body composition and provide the education to empower supportive lifestyle behavioral changes,” Dr. Joseph said.

With over 225 locations and more to come, Restore received a $140 million investment led by General Atlantic to accelerate growth and innovation in 2021.

The wellness franchise is hosting two complimentary Zoom-based Discovery Nights on January 9 and January 10, 2024, with Dr. Rich providing a comprehensive look at the new weight loss program. Following the presentation, attendees can ask Dr. Joseph questions about Restore’s latest offering.

“For the first time in human history, more people will die from obesity and its comorbid conditions, such as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and obstructive sleep apnea, than famine,” Dr. Joseph noted. “By 2030, an estimated half of the U.S. population will have obesity, with a disproportionate rise in those with severe obesity. By helping clients with sustainable weight loss, Restore Hyper Wellness aims to help them achieve the energy needed to do more of what they love  — now and long into the future.”

The Restore Approach

In addition to its new weight loss medication and support services, Restore offers science-backed health and performance therapies such as cryotherapy, red light therapy, compression, IV drip therapy, as well as Cryoskin Slimming and Toning sessions to support the weight loss journey.

Last October, Restore named co-founder Steve Welch as its CEO as the holistic wellness franchise prepares to scale to 500 locations in the next five years.

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A passionate health and wellness advocate, Welch had shared with Athletech News that Restore is investing heavily in products, technology and partnerships to help clients feel better today and arm them with tools for an even better tomorrow.

“Over the last eight years, we have provided over five million therapy services and learned that Americans want to take control of their health,” Welch said. “They are hungry to understand how to make change.”

The Rise of GLP-1s

Restore is the latest fitness and wellness brand to enter the GLP-1 game, a money-making space projected to be worth $100 billion by 2030.

Boutique fitness franchisor Xponential Fitness has set its sights on the promises of semaglutides with its recently acquired eleventh brand, Lindora, which touts 31 metabolic health clinics offering weight loss medications. Life Time, a luxury fitness and lifestyle operator, is also piloting a medical-expert staffed clinic at its Target Center in downtown Minneapolis, offering weight loss drugs and non-invasive therapies such as infrared saunas, red light therapy, peptides, hormone replacement therapy, IV therapy and cryotherapy chambers.

Most recently, Equinox unveiled a new personal training program geared toward GLP-1-taking clients to combat side effects such as muscle loss and to help them build long-lasting health and fitness habits. 

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