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Watch Now: Crunch Fitness CEO Jim Rowley Joins ATN ‘Unscripted’ Podcast

Watch Now: Crunch Fitness CEO Jim Rowley Joins ATN ‘Unscripted’ Podcast

Rowley shares his candid thoughts on Crunch’s recent growth and future, along with takes on the fitness industry as a whole

Jim Rowley, Crunch Fitness worldwide CEO, joins the show in the latest episode of ATN “Unscripted.” A 30-plus year fitness industry vet, Rowley oversees day-to-day operations, development, franchising and marketing for Crunch’s 410-plus locations. He also proudly served as a United States Marine for eight years.

“Unscripted” co-hosts Edward Hertzman, Athletech News’ founder and CEO, and Eric Malzone join Rowley to discuss Crunch’s future amid the rapidly evolving fitness and wellness industry. Topics such as what Crunch looks for in its franchise partners, the place of GLP-1 weight-loss drugs in fitness and the decline – but also possible resurgence – of cardio are all explored. 

Watch this episode of “Unscripted” for unfiltered takes on the following:

  • How gyms can get the most out of each month of the year
  • Why there’s still no shortcuts in fitness, even with science
  • Crunch’s future goals and ambitions

Key Talking Points:

(0:00 – 0:47) Introductions

(0:47 – 1:55) Crunch Fitness’ wins in 2023

(1:55 – 5:24) Applying different strategies in different months

(5:24 – 9:55) Staying focused internally amidst the noise from competitors 

(9:55 – 20:31) There’s no quick substitute for hard work in the gym

(20:31 – 22:09) Evolution at Crunch 

(22:09 – 28:05) Following what’s trending while staying ready for shifts

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(28:05 – 30:32) Crunch’s goals for 2024

(30:32 – 33:22) Who’s an ideal franchisee for Crunch?

(33:22 – 35:00) Crunch’s real estate involvement from the top

(35:00 – 40:26) Getting involved in the recovery space

(40:26 – 49:36) Final thoughts

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