Technology & Innovation Report 2023

About this report

For Athletech’s inaugural Technology & Innovation Outlook report, we sat down with industry leaders whose companies, products and ideas are revolutionizing fitness and wellness. Esteemed CEOs, founders and executives shared their perspectives and predictions on how new and evolving technologies like AI and virtual reality will transform every corner of the industry. The insights gained from these eye-opening discussions will equip you with the relevant and crucial information you need to successfully navigate the fitness industry’s digital revolution.

Download Athletech’s 2023 Technology & Innovation Outlook report to learn:

Predictions from top CEOs, founders and executives on the future of fitness

The ways AI and machine learning will transform fitness and wellness

Why tech giants like Meta are pushing into the fitness industry

How VR and AR can motivate people to work out

Using software to drive customer acquisition, engagement and retention

How tech is changing the way gyms look and feel

Leveraging tech to increase per-member revenue