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ACE Launches ‘AI Bootcamp’ for Personal Trainers

ACE Launches ‘AI Bootcamp’ for Personal Trainers

Fitness coaches will learn how to leverage AI tools to attract ideal clients, tailor products and services, and produce streamlined programs

The American Council on Exercise (ACE) and Precision Nutrition are introducing the AI Bootcamp for Coaches, an on-demand, self-guided online course that trains health and fitness professionals how to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) tools into their businesses and client interactions.

The comprehensive, eight-module bootcamp utilizes AI tools like ChatGPT and DALL-E 3 to teach coaches techniques for creating highly personalized client resources, crafting impactful marketing content and streamlining business operations for maximum efficiency. 

The modules guide coaches through diverse AI skillsets catered to the fitness space, beginning with a strong grounding in the basics and possibilities of AI usage. Subsequent modules focus on leveraging AI tools to attract ideal clients, tailoring products and services, and producing streamlined wellness programs.

“Health and exercise professionals who learn to successfully leverage AI will place themselves at a significant competitive advantage,” says Cedric Bryant, ACE president. “It stands to elevate the personal training experience, making it more data-driven and potentially more successful in promoting health and well-being.”

Unique, highly practical features include using AI as a coaching simulator and receiving personalized feedback on simulated client interactions to hone skills before real-world implementation. For this benefit and many others, Lauren Shroyer, ACE’s vice president of product innovation, says that AI is an essential emerging tool. 

“This course allows tech-savvy coaches to strategically enhance service delivery and efficiency through AI integration,” Shroyer says. “It directly meets a growing market demand for more efficient, data-driven coaching methodologies that can provide clients with a customized, premium experience.” 

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The curriculum is guided by Precision Nutrition’s elite Master Coaches, who blend technical and coaching expertise. This strategic partnership differentiates AI Bootcamp for Coaches from other generalized AI resources and tool-specific educational materials currently on the market.

With consumer demand for hyper-personalized health and wellness solutions driving fitness and AI’s projected valuation growth from $7.8 billion in 2022 to a potential of $30.6 billion by 2030, the course puts coaches adopting AI integration at a potential advantage moving forward. 

Enrollment for ACE’s AI Bootcamp for Coaches opens next month.

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