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Myrow Founder Sees Bright Future for Connected Rowing

Myrow Founder Sees Bright Future for Connected Rowing

Gary Simpson created myrow, which offers a 22-inch HD touchscreen that attaches to Concept2 rowers and comes loaded with over 200 workouts

During the pandemic, Gary Simpson had a realization that his at-home rowing experience could benefit from connectivity. Specifically, he sought a connected fitness solution that would work with his Concept2 rowing machine, the industry’s most popular erg.

Simpson already had entrepreneurial experience, having founded Transit Wireless, which provides wireless infrastructure for the New York City subway system. Driven by his desire for a better connected rowing solution, Simpson founded myrow, which sells a 22-inch, full-color HD touchscreen tablet that attaches to and connects with the Concept2 rowing machine to provide users with at-home workouts.

Athletech News spoke with Simpson about what differentiates myrow from competitors, where myrow fits into the larger connected fitness industry and the company’s biggest challenges as it scales.

This conversation has been lightly edited for clarity and length.  

Athletech News: What differentiates myrow from competitors in the connected rowing space? 

Gary Simpson: We took the best erg on the market and are transforming it into a connected fitness machine. For existing Concept2 owners, you can upgrade your workout and keep your machine for an investment of $499 plus a monthly subscription ($29.99).

The content and features that myrow go far beyond anything that is currently available for the Concept2. We have the competitive edge on price point, compared to what is currently on the market. The Concept2 (sold separately) with the added myrow monitor is priced at about $1,500, while competitors charge between $2,500-$3,000 for an erg with a comparable screen.

If you’re in the market to buy a new rowing machine and were interested in the Concept2 but deterred by the lack of a connected fitness experience, myrow solves that problem at a compelling price point. It won’t feel like an add-on product; instead it was designed to feel like it belongs with the Concept2.

credit: myrow

ATN: With connected fitness flux, including rowing-based brands, where do you see myrow fitting in? 

GS: With an aging population, rowing will continue to be a perfect at-home workout. At-home rowing machines offer a highly efficient full-body and low-impact workout. Rowing machines are more effective than exercise bikes and treadmills, as they target and strengthen all major muscle groups throughout the entire body, including the legs, glutes, core, arms, back and shoulders in a low-impact workout.

Rowing accomplishes calorie-burning and muscle-building. We hope to tap into the huge base of Concept 2 owners to offer an immersive connected fitness experience. In our beta testing last year, we had over 3,000 applicants (who own the Concept2) to test the product, which gives us confidence that it is something the Concept2 world will embrace. 

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ATN: As a startup, what have been your biggest challenges and successes thus far? 

GS: As with all start-ups every day is a challenge, but every day is a success if you get to the next day!  We were thrilled with all the excitement and interest when we unveiled the product at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the largest electronic show in the world, and hope to take that momentum with us as we set our sights on the launch this Spring.  

ATN: What can users expect to see from myrow when it launches? 

GS: We are excited to start taking pre-orders for the product at in early April and will begin shipping to consumers at the end of May. 

When we launch this Spring, the myrow tablet will come pre-loaded with over 80 video workouts and over 200 workouts and training plans (non-videos) and will have a constantly growing library with a variety of classes. In addition to the instructor-led workouts, there are also group rows, challenges, the ability to create your own workouts and preset workouts, including Concept2’s “Workout of the Day.”

 The tablet also provides the user with a deep level of metrics and analytics to help users improve their performance and achieve their fitness goals. 

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