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Therabody Embraces In-Person Wellness Experiences

Therabody Embraces In-Person Wellness Experiences

Therabody has launched Reset Rewards, a new membership program in use at its in-person wellness centers across the country

Reset by Therabody is the wellness tech brand’s in-person, experiential wellness hub, with locations across the United States including Los Angeles, Philadelphia, New York and Houston.

The whole-body wellness centers offer clients access to Therabody’s technology, guided by trained experts. Services range from 30 to 60 minutes and include offerings like stretching, percussive therapy, cryotherapy, and cupping. Clients can purchase services a la carte or through memberships.

Now, Therabody has launched Reset Rewards, a membership program that offers exclusive benefits and discounts, including on partner brands like Pressed Juicery, Momentous supplements and Stakt mats.

Athletech News spoke with with Shannon Cooke, vice president of retail at Therabody, to learn more about the new Reset program and how Therabody’s in-person experience drives value for the company and its customers.

“It was really important to us to pick brands that were on the same page as us from a wellness and ethos perspective,” Cooke says. “We wanted to have added value for our guests with our memberships and also give them easier access to self-care. So we partnered with a lot of brands with community health and wellness in mind. We’re very excited to have a high bar to stand shoulder to shoulder with the brands that we selected for the program.” 

In terms of the brand selection process, Cooke noted it was both national and local.

“Every single one of our resorts has access to our national brands,” she explains. “Because the local community is so important to us, each of the individual locations has different partnerships that are specific to its city. We have over 10 national brands that we’re working with right now. Then, every city has between five and seven that are local to their community.” 

The Importance of In-Person Experiences

As in-person experiences become more important than ever to many brands looking to forge connections with consumers, Cooke noted that Reset was the embodiment of a third-party ecosystem.

“We take all of the cutting-edge therapies and technologies that we create as a product and we bring them to life inside of these spaces,” she says. “We really want to make sure that health and wellness can benefit as many people as possible. There are big barriers to entry for a lot of the services and products that we provide, so creating this kind of warm, safe space for people to come in and try the products is a really important part of our ecosystem for the customer.”

credit: Therabody

For Therabody, Cooke noted there is also “a really beautiful, experiential brand marketing component to it. People can come in and ask questions, and touch and feel the brand.” 

Local Marketing Efforts

When asked about Reset’s biggest challenges and opportunities, Cooke noted that building authentic relationships with local communities is effort-intensive but integral to the brand’s strategy.

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“On the ground, guerrilla-style connections are not scalable, but we take being in the community and working with the right groups very seriously,” she said. “But it is very important because those messages and allegiances in the community will show people that they have a place where they can go that represents who they are and where they’re coming from.” 

credit: Therabody

Therabody has a long-term vision to continue using Reset to bring new products to life for the consumer.

“It’s very exciting for me to look at the pipeline and think, ‘How can I bring this to life for the customer that comes into Reset?,'” Cooke says.

Therabody is hoping to create a space where consumers can step outside their comfort zone and learn more about new types of self-care.

“If we have made it more comfortable for someone to participate in cryotherapy, to use LED masks, to get closer to the effective science that we are promoting, then we have done our job,” Cooke adds. “Lowering that barrier to entry for self-care is incredibly important to Reset.” 

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