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Hapana Launches In-App Group Fitness Challenges

Hapana Launches In-App Group Fitness Challenges

The all-in-one fitness software provider is looking to help boutique studios better engage their members through gamification

Hapana is adding to its gamification arsenal, launching a new “challenge” app feature for boutique and group fitness studios. The all-in-one fitness software provider is partnering with Strong Pilates, helping to launch the Australian brand’s inaugural “Feel Strong” running challenge that goes until March 26th.

With the challenge feature, Hapana now allows operators to stoke the competitive fires of their members, spurring engagement and retention

The platform allows boutique fitness studios to set up group challenges either with fixed time frames, like Strong Pilates has done, or via a purchase-based start for individual enrollments. After that, operators can add goals or levels for members. Screens illustrate progress along the way, tracking metrics and displaying them with visually captivating graphics. Users are also permitted to share their achievements across social media.

“Challenges are essential for boutique and group fitness studios, fostering engagement and member retention,” said Jarron Aizen, CEO and founder of Hapana. “Existing software solutions haven’t kept pace with evolving market dynamics, and Hapana is here to bridge that gap. We are proud to offer the best member app in the market, continuously innovating while other providers lag behind.”

As gamification often does, Hapana sees the launch of challenges as an opportunity to give gym-goers more in terms of helping them reach their fitness goals. That leads to benefits for operators as well. 

“The challenge app, with the potential to engage thousands of members simultaneously, empowers them to track their progress, hold themselves accountable, and stay motivated – not just for challenges, but also for trials and overall fitness goals,” Aizen added. “This fosters a sense of community for our customers, ultimately driving member conversion.”

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Having gotten the first crack at the feature, Strong Pilates was quick to agree. 

“Hapana’s challenge capability is game-changing for our business, and we are incredibly grateful to the Hapana team for delivering this innovative solution,” said Michael Ramsey, co-founder of Strong Pilates. “The challenge app is not just a feature; it’s a powerful tool to engage our members, welcome newcomers and ultimately convert them into loyal members of the Strong Pilates family.”

This launch represents another win in what’s already been a successful past five years for Hapana. Since moving its base of operations from Sydney to the United States in 2018, the software provider has twice doubled in size, partnering with top brands like F45 Training, Body Fit Training (BFT) and Gold’s Gym alongside Strong Pilates. 

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