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Equinox Locations Add Aescape, a Fully Automated Massage Bed

Equinox Locations Add Aescape, a Fully Automated Massage Bed

As Aescape looks to disrupt the massage industry with robotic arms, Equinox members in NYC will gain access to a premium recovery tool

Aescape has launched its whitespace innovation: the first commercially available, fully automated massage experience. The company also announced a partnership with luxury lifestyle and fitness operator Equinox, debuting its massage tables in select locations across New York City this spring.

Backed by $80 million in funding, Aescape aims to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of massages through advanced technology. .

“Aescape aims to make massage an accessible, regular part of rest and recovery, no longer reserved for indulgence or injury,” said Eric Litman, Founder and CEO. “Working alongside massage therapists over the last seven years, we’ve honed our technology to ensure it caters to diverse body types and lifestyles. It’s designed for anyone looking to book last-minute, or looking for control over their massage when therapists aren’t always available.” 

The technology is a fully automated, artificial intelligence-driven massage table. It scans the user’s body and generates over one million 3D data points to accurately map a user’s body on the table.

Using the 3D scan, the tool identifies key points on the body for a targeted massage. Aescape includes a touchscreen underneath the massage table that users can control to identify pressure points, target areas and music selections. The experience is also customizable—the platform can remember user preferences for future massages.  

Equinox Embraces Recovery

At Equinox, anyone can experience Aescape for $60 for 30 minutes, which will also include a free day pass to the gym for non-members. Beginning in June, the technology will be made available in ten locations in New York City. 

“We’re relentlessly focused on how we can help our community of high-performing individuals live better, healthier lives,” said James Gu, senior director, Equinox Spa. “As we continue to innovate with science-backed preparation and recovery modalities and new technologies, we are excited to offer Aescape. This personalized and accessible format will help our members further integrate recovery into their fitness routines.”

credit: Aescape

Disrupting the Massage Market

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Litman is joined on the Aescape executive team by Sam Bowen, who worked in hardware at Amazon; Becca Valle, who worked in global marketing at Meta, Airbnb, and the New York Knicks; and Alex Linde, who worked in product at Uber, eBay, and Yahoo!

To develop the product, the Aescape team worked with thousands of individuals to develop a solution that caters to all body types and needs. By working with everyone from casual gym-goers to athletes, the company created a solution it says can cater to all audiences. 

credit: Aescape

The massage therapy market is valued at around $19 billion, and recovery solutions have never seemed more popular, including in gyms and fitness facilities as a value-add or premium membership service. The industry, which is also facing a shortage of therapists, is primed for disruption. Aescape offers an always-available, consistent massage, and aims to drive value for spas, hotels and wellness centers. 

Aescape is launching an early access program for New Yorkers, inviting participants to be among the first to try out the futuristic massage experience while providing feedback to refine the service further. The company is also actively seeking new partnerships. 

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