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Product of the Week: Dagne Dover Bags Can Go From Office to Gym

Product of the Week: Dagne Dover Bags Can Go From Office to Gym

The New York City brand is known for its high-quality, highly functional bags. But can they hold up as daily gym and work bags?

Dagne Dover was founded in 2013 by female entrepreneurs Jessy Dover, Deepa Gandhi, and Melissa Mash. With a goal of bringing great design to bags, Dagne Dover creates backpacks, duffel bags, tote bags and more, all made of high-quality, durable materials with lots of storage in sleek styles and neutral colors.

Athletes and fitness fanatics typically put their gear through the wringer and need bags that will withstand the sweatiest of workouts and the busiest of days.

Athletech News tested Dagne Dover’s Work-to-Workout Kit, including the Dakota Backpack and the Landon Carryall, to see if the brand could meet those high standards. 


Dagne Dover puts care and thoughtfulness into every detail and pocket in their bags. The brand uses a buttery neoprene material that is extremely durable. Even on a few days when I got caught in a storm, the material kept my electronics safe. It also did not rip or tear, even when I filled the bags to capacity and lugged them around New York City via public transit. The material was soft but had enough structure to keep the Dakota Backpack upright when placed on the ground or in a locker at a fitness studio or gym. 

Both the Dakota Backpack and the Landon Carryall had enough perfectly placed pockets to allow follow-through on organizational aspirations. There are perfectly placed pockets in the side of the Dakota Backpack, just above the hips, for easy access to an ID badge or gym card. All Dakota backpacks have a smaller inside pouch perfect for an iPad, and the largest size has a laptop compartment that can also fit folders, paperwork or other devices.

The Carryall is named appropriately: it can fit sneakers, workout gear, clothes to change into afterward, and plenty of toiletries. There are interior side pockets for tech accessories and a covert back pocket for one’s phone.

Landon Carryall (credit: Dagne Dover)

Both the Dakota Backpack and the Landon Carryall also come with smaller bags, some of which are made of neoprene and others are perfect as laundry bags post-workout. The Carryall has internal water bottle pockets, which minimizes the chances of bottles falling out of bags during transit. Both bags are hand-washable and hold up well after several washes. 

The Dagne Dover logo is large enough that it is recognizable, but not so flashy that it takes away from the brand’s understated aesthetic. Its colors are similarly elegant but earth-toned, and most products have five or more color options. 

Dakota Backpack (credit: Dagne Dover)


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After putting both bags through the wringer, carrying heavy items, sweaty clothes and more, the only damage was that the Dakota Backpack’s zipper occasionally got caught on the laptop pocket and caused some fraying.

Wear and tear were also more visible on lighter-colored bags, so if you expect to need extra durability, opt for a darker color. Otherwise, the products were among the most thoughtfully designed, stylish and durable bags that I had ever come across. 

Final Thoughts

Overall, if you’re in the market for a new backpack, gym bag, or both, a Dagne Dover bag is the investment that will last years to come through even the busiest days and the sweatiest workouts. 

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