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Matterhorn Fit’s Mission To Make North America Pain Free 

Matterhorn Fit’s Mission To Make North America Pain Free 

Founded by a former NHL player and a strength coach, Matterhorn is looking to open new locations in its first year of franchising

The wellness industry may have consumers inundated with ways to look and feel younger, but Matterhorn Fit is taking a neurologically based approach to pain reduction and long-term fitness training. 

Behind the personalized program are co-founders Ryan Vesce, a former NHL player, and strength coach Sean Sullivan.

Their proprietary method touts an impressive 94% or more of clients reporting significant pain reduction in just two weeks.

“The results are far exceeding any other type of physical therapy out there,” Vesce said.

With such high success rates in rapid time, Vesce and Sullivan decided to accelerate Matterhorn Fit’s expansion through franchising so others could soon experience life-changing pain relief.

Pain Prevalence 

The comforts of modern life may bring benefits in certain areas, but they’re undoubtedly contributing to discomfort in our bodies — and at a startling rate.

“Over 50 million people suffer with pain, and one out of every two adults live with musculoskeletal pain,” Vesce said. “I don’t know if it’s the pivot to remote work or just our daily life —how we live now with the phones and with working more in general.”

The Cornell grad sees the rising “work-all-the-time” culture has made sitting long hours in front of a computer result in lower back and neck issues. 

“You also see the lack of movement — which ultimately affects those neurological patterns that get disrupted and cause issues to occur,” Vesce added.

The Matterhorn Method

In response to the prevalence of pain, Sullivan and Vesce created a seamless integration between pain relief, rehabilitation and performance with neuropriming, plasticity and precise pain root cause identification. With a client-led approach based on the neurological system, Matterhorn Fit challenges the brain and body in tandem for long-term health.

“That’s ‘The Matterhorn method,’” Vesce said. “It’s one of the primary reasons we’re so uniquely positioned to be the most differentiated hack for rehab and fitness franchises in North America.”

credit: Matterhorn Fit

Franchising White Space

As wellness franchises battle to dominate crowded spaces such as infrared saunas and cryotherapy, Matterhorn Fit offers franchisees a chance to help consumers without direct competition — a feat in and of itself. 

Currently solidifying its relationship with its first franchise partner, the pain reduction and fitness brand is looking to open other franchises in its inaugural franchising year.

“We have a lot (of interest) in the pipeline,” Vesce said. “Fortunately, the amount of attention we’ve gotten so far has been very promising and positive, and we’re excited to continue to go through the process with the prospective candidates.

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Matterhorn Fit’s approach to pain outperforms other therapy modalities, according to Sullivan, which he sees as a key differentiating factor for franchisees. 

“We’re so focused on the process and essentially finding the dysfunction between the brain and the muscle connection,” Sullivan said. “We’re looking for the right people that essentially fill the void and help us drive that process through a broader spectrum.”

credit: Matterhorn Fit

The Matterhorn Method has caught the eye of prospective franchisees including orthopedists, who view it as complementary to their existing practices, along with physical therapists, conditioning coaches and even professional athletes. 

Life Beyond Pain 

Once a Matterhorn client’s pain has been resolved, they transition to a long-term personal training program for ongoing results.

“We have clients that started with us five years ago and they still train three days a week, every week,” Vesce said. “That’s our goal, and that’s how we think about our philosophy in terms of movement and training: we believe that everyone should be moving, and we believe that doesn’t stop after you fix an injury.”

As new data is released about the brain-muscle connection, Vesce sees a growing awareness in consumers who are looking to ease their pain and make lasting improvements. Most of all, being able to deliver results quickly and give clients a glimpse at life beyond pain is at the heart of Matterhorn Fit. 

“Many clients come to us and they’ve lost hope,” Vesce said. “They’ve been injured. They tried other types of treatment, and they’re searching for an answer to their pain. And they start working with us and in only six sessions, we’ve been able to solve their pain issues. There’s a ton of people out there in pain, and there’s a ton of people who have lost hope, and one of the things we do really well is fix people fast and inspire hope.”

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