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Technogym Launches AI-Powered Health & Longevity Tracking

Technogym Launches AI-Powered Health & Longevity Tracking

Debuting at IHRSA 2024, Technogym Check Up uses AI to assess physical and cognitive conditions, prescribing the ideal fitness program that adapts over time

Technogym, the fitness industry’s only AI-based end-to-end open platform, has perfected its leading “ecosystem,” delivering successful results for operators in terms of ROI, member engagement and attraction, as well as fitness enthusiasts who want to see results and stay motivated on their health and fitness journeys.

A fitness and wellness industry pioneer, Technogym offers the ultimate solution by providing operators with a cutting-edge and seamless integration across software applications already in use, fitness equipment from any manufacturer, popular payment methods such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, Stripe, Visa and others, and consumer apps and wearables.

Moreover, the AI-based Technogym Ecosystem Coach adjusts training programs to enhance engagement and maximize results. It also supports marketing efforts through advanced profiling, allowing operators to run loyalty campaigns.

This revolutionary “ecosystem” has crowned Technogym as the gold standard in health and fitness equipment and software for club owners, hotels, medical centers and elite athletes. The company will serve as the exclusive and official supplier of the Paris 2024 Olympics this summer, providing its smart equipment and services to over 15,000 elite athletes.

Ever-evolving to meet the needs of operators and health and fitness consumers, Technogym is launching Technogym Checkup at IHRSA 2024, a pivotal moment for the fitness industry leader.

“Today within our Technogym Ecosystem, the one and only end-to-end ecosystem in the industry, we are proud to launch Technogym Check Up, our AI-based assessment station, that represents the access point to the ecosystem in order to measure physical and cognitive parameters and to a fully personalized program for every single individual that evolves over time thanks to AI,” said Nerio Alessandri, Technogym founder and CEO.

One-Stop Shop for Fitness & Wellness

By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, the brand-new Technogym Checkup boasts an AI-based assessment station, allowing users to hyper-personalize their training based on body composition, strength performance, balance, mobility and even cognitive abilities. Taking it a step further, the data is used to calculate a “Wellness Age” so Technogym Coach can prescribe effective training that adapts over time. 

The latest launch supports the brand’s ‘Technogym as Medicine’ philosophy, promoting long-term health and wellness with its world-class products and ecosystem. A fierce advocate of promoting longevity through Technogym, Alessandri has long urged the preventive power of fitness and the belief that a healthy mind is a healthy body. 

credit: Techhogym

Technogym’s new precision-based training program can be accessed anywhere, anytime — at the gym, at home, on vacation or even with a user’s physician. 

“Digital innovation has always been a key element of Technogym’s constant growth over the years since 1996, when we launched Wellness System, the first software in the industry,” Alessandri said.

Meaningful Health Tracking

Leaning into longevity-centered wellness, Technogym’s Wellness Age functionality offers a starting point for users to comprehend the age that mirrors their current physical and functional condition and offers a pathway to make improvements with a personalized, targeted training program. 

Employing a results-driven program allows users to see their Wellness Age decrease while AI makes adjustments to accelerate results, leading to an optimal state of health in a relatively quick time. 

A Potent Member Engagement Tool 

The latest innovation from Technogym meets the demands of longevity-seeking consumers who want a holistic method that culminates in improved health and vitality. 

By offering Technogym Checkup, operators have an opportunity to offer a unique, cutting-edge and in-demand service, generating additional revenue, retaining existing members and attracting new wellness and fitness seekers.

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Additionally, from an operator’s perspective, the data-driven technology allows Technogym Coach to follow the training evolution and group club users based on workout preferences, habits and activity patterns so operators can leverage the findings to fine-tune upselling and even launch friendly fitness challenges for members. 

The Technogym Difference

As operators look to hone in on increased personalization, Technogym’s ecosystem enables every stage of the gym experience to be customized from beginning to end, from assessment to program customization and follow-up. 

Technogym’s digital expertise and AI-centered technology means its smart equipment and app can adapt and guide users on their health and fitness path. After logging into the app, the profile is recognized immediately, pulling together preferred goals and past sessions to track and store all improvements. 

credit: Technogym

Notably, and in line with the top trend in fitness, strength equipment will automatically adapt metrics across load, range of motion, correct posture, speed, number of sets, repetitions and recovery. 

Another area of advancement is Technogym’s AI-based Ecosystem Coach, which adjusts training programs to not only elevate engagement and results but also supports marketing efforts for operators with its advanced profiling capabilities. 

Advancing the multi-touchpoint experience for users is the Technogym App, offering access to the ecosystem with over 1,000 workouts and programs for fitness, sports performance and health and lifestyle, even taking into account special health considerations. 

Technogym can be found at booth #1716 at IHRSA 2024. 

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