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Halotherapy Redefines Recovery With Salt & Red Light Combo

Halotherapy Redefines Recovery With Salt & Red Light Combo

The wellness brand’s HaloRestore & Recovery line merges salt therapy with modalities like red light, boosting the benefits of each

Halotherapy Solutions is going where no health and wellness solution has gone before. 

Looking to give operators the chance to offer a more holistic approach to therapy and recovery, the company recently launched its HaloRestore & Recovery solution. It’s the first and only series of programs merging salt therapy with the company’s complete portfolio of RESTORE and RECOVERY equipment, including red light, cryotherapy and cold plunge.

The solution features Fire & Ice, Vitality Restore, Revive & Rejuvenate and Hyper Restore packages. All carry devices such as the Spectrum Elite Bed, HaloIR & Redlight Tower, Cryo T Cooler, Health Smart Massage Chair and the CyroMed One, just to name a few. Some also include the newly patented Vitality Booth Plus, the world’s first and only multi-function chamber combining salt and red light therapy. 

Meeting Consumer Demands

These steps to establish HaloRestore & Recovery, trailblazing as they are, were requested by the health and wellness industry both from an evolutionary and cost-saving standpoint. 

Lisa Semerly, Halotherapy CRO and creator of the program, did so to give users more advanced recovery options and operators more functionality in their limited spaces.

“I have been in the Halotherapy space for about a decade and have seen a shift throughout the years,” Semerly said. “The industry has moved into ‘next generation’ salt therapy, stacking or layering multiple modalities together in one unit to customize the guest’s experience while at the same time maximizing the return on investment per square foot for the facility owner. Taking that one step further, and keeping pace with the current environment, HaloRestore & Recovery was conceived last year.”

Lisa Semerly (credit: Halotherapy Solutions)

Rarely are gyms given the chance to add a solution that assists such a large percentage of their members. According to Semerly, one in every three athletes experiences some form of exercise-induced bronchoconstriction or exercise-induced asthma. It’s almost impossible for anyone to achieve their fitness goals under such circumstances.

“If your respiratory system is rundown, or under attack and you can’t breathe, your workouts are going to be less effective,” Semerly said. “Salt therapy alone expands the airway for increased lung function, and increased oxygen saturation. It helps with muscle endurance and strengthens the abdominal wall for increased lung capacity and oxygenation.”

This is accomplished as users breathe in kinetically active, microscopic pharmaceutical-grade salt. The salt draws out moisture, mucus, and impurities which kills anything in the airway or skin to alleviate inflammation. This, according to Halotherapy, is the only way to address respiratory health and wellness naturally. It also triggers skin microcirculation and membrane activity.

The salt therapy is “stacked on” other modalities, such as red light therapy, as seen with the Vitality Booth Plus.

The Benefits of Salt Therapy x Red Light 

Red light and salt therapy are a match made in heaven — Halotherapy is harnessing their coefficient benefits with the Vitality Booth Plus, making it a potent user engagement tool for gyms or wellness facilities that results in a cycle of wellness. 

“What makes the Vitality Booth Plus so effective and unique is the science,” Semerly said. “The inspiration behind it came from one of our partners and salt therapy enthusiasts who owned a World Gym. He was looking for a game changer in the fitness space to include red light and salt therapy and understood that red light in the presence of salt crystals creates a far more effective experience for both.”

credit: Halotherapy Solutions

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After conducting research with NASA, the Halotherapy team discovered that adding salt therapy to red light therapy creates microbursts of red-light energy by the billions, as they refract off translucent salt crystals. This results in a greater red-light immersion that encapsulates the skin. Simultaneously, the salt therapy becomes more effective, as the red light energizes and dries the salt which results in deeper penetration and expansion into the lungs.

“In a nutshell, the Vitality Booth Plus not only helps with recovery and respiration, but it addresses skin health by a dual-modal mechanism of action,” Semerly said. “This makes it the most effective red-light therapy and salt therapy in the world.”

The blending of salt and red light therapy assists in anti-aging, wrinkle reduction, weight loss and mood enhancement as well. The booth comes in four different sizes and with a U.V. blue light sanitation system. It was recently issued a “patent” on the effectiveness of red light therapy with salt therapy, making it the most powerful red light therapy in the world.

The Bright Future of Recovery

Semerly only expects demand for Halotherapy’s RESTORE & RECOVERY products to increase as education around recovery does. As it did with many aspects of the health and wellness industry, the COVID-19 pandemic has already played a large role in that. 

“We learned a lot in a post-COVID world,” Semerly noted. “More and more folks are taking self-care much more seriously. Those who take health and fitness seriously have realized that without a true recovery component, burnout, injury, and less effective workouts are inevitable.” 

Salt therapy is “one of the top modalities folks are seeking post-COVID,” Semerly added. “Halotherapy will continue to be part of the conversation in the fitness community well into the future,” she said.

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